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Development direction of puffed food

In the early 1990s, the State Council and the general federation of light industry successively promulgated the national food industry plan and the "ninth five-year plan for the development of light industry science and technology and the 2010 plan", emphasizing that China should form a complete and reasonable modern food industry system as soon as possible and increase the proportion of processed food in the diet. We will focus on developing food for women and children, food for students, food for the elderly and food for health care. We should develop a series of convenient food and fast food, give full play to the role of science and technology, and strive to improve the conversion cost and production efficiency of resources according to the development direction of high yield, high quality and high efficiency. With the rise of Chinese people's income level, people in the aspect of eating "three low two high" low fat, low salt, low sugar, high vitamin, high fiber consumption trend, leisure food is no exception. The characteristics of puffed food determine that it is popular to enjoy, leisure food positioning, delicious, convenient, nutrition, cheap is the direction of its development. At present, the puffed snack food has entered the period of qualitative growth from the increase of quantity. Facing the fierce market competition of puffed snack food, the life cycle of the product is increasingly shortened, and the consumer psychology is becoming mature. There are new requirements on the flavor, effective ingredients and nutritional value of puffed food. 

1, market segments highlight personality along with the increase in public holiday (at least 115 days a year is weekends, public holidays, the improvement of living standards, it creates opportunities for leisure food. Puffed snack food is not only for children but also for the general public. Young children are at present the main snack food consumers, the product mostly just work hard in the packaging or shape, or trying to expand the advertising, and have done according to the characteristics of the different types of consumers, the leisure food consumers seem to have no obvious specific consumer groups, many products are in "for young and old," in fact, for young and old, old and young may be all ungrateful, shelves full of beautiful things in eyes, but consumers still feel is not suitable for their own thing, although new product emerge in endlessly, but mostly just "in" the excellences. Leisure food is considered to be a hot market product in 21 years. So on product development in addition to increasing taste, and beautify the packaging change shape, development of health care function, should according to different consumer groups demand, "block" formula "block formula is designed" elderly, youth, student, infants and young children, an office worker, tourist group, bars, the family and other different nutrition value, edible method, flavor characteristics and the pursuit of definite snack food. 

2, rich varieties improved flavor food culture and eating habits in different areas vary greatly, it is hard to be a kind of taste is unified, namely should inherit the traditional taste, and the new, strange, different direction. Develop suitable for not need area, different crowd demand have individual character product. At present, puffed leisure food seasoning flavor has fruit taste, nut taste, vegetable taste, seafood taste, meat taste, milk taste, integrated seven dozen series more than 300 varieties. Through the different adding methods of external adjustment, internal adjustment, external adjustment and internal adjustment, the puffed food can be made to have good flavor, full taste and more lifelike. Today you can find a wide variety of puffed foods in any market, which was not the case 20 years ago. It can be said that 50% of the food we will eat in the next 20 years has not been developed. The 21st century is a century of rapid development of technology and information. With the emergence of new raw materials, new technologies and new techniques, extruded food will become an industry with more vigorous market vitality.

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