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double extruder machine

1, mix machine: A, vane mix machine is suitable for the raw material mix humidifying, 60 rotary vane speed 368 RPM, A mix ability 10 kg (single screw). B. Rotary drum mixer is suitable for 20 mesh raw material mixing and humidification, with a rotating speed of 35 RPM and a half-minute capacity of 10kg (with single screw). 

2. Conveyor: lift the mixed materials to the main machine bin (or manually feed them). The conveying capacity is 0.5 tons/hour. 

3. Extruder: at present, the main engine used in domestic sandwich food production is twin-screw extruder, which is divided into two types according to the structure. Ds56-iii fully expanded twin-screw main engine: The machine is mesh has two close to each other and consisting of a pair of screw turning direction, together, they play a conveyor, friction, extrusion and the effect of heating, two screw materials push by the screw in the process of stirring, mixing, shear and extrusion, at the same time caused by external heating, the starch gel, paste, and heat booster, puffing, through the die material include the evenness can be adjusted by the screw rotation speed, drive motor USES the overseas advanced frequency control of motor speed technology, ensure the reliability of equipment operation, economy, the equipment is easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to transform varieties, production is big, screw, The service life of luo tao is longer than that of single screw, but the processing cost is higher. Screw, barrel is the heart of the expansion machine, its quality directly affects the quality of the product expansion, should ensure that the screw, barrel in a good state of work, because the screw, barrel in high-speed rotation, smooth chromium steel material surface hardening treatment to improve its wear resistance, heat resistance. 

4, fillers machine: work is to mix good stuffing, through the injection pump to the extrusion machine ChengMo, have expanded material package stuffing squeezing out at the same time, fillers machine has heat preservation, mixing and extruding forming, filling in the insulation cylinder, stirring constantly keep filling good liquidity, control the size of the filling rate can be adjusted through the screw pump rotate speed. 

5, multi-functional shaping machine: the multi-functional shaping machine is composed of traction roll, shaping roll cutting knife, the speed is adjustable, from the main machine expanded out of the strip, or strip puffing material through the multi-functional shaping machine can be cut into the specified length size, sandwich roll blank in this process. 

6. Elevator and dryer: after cutting, the sandwich roll embryo falls into the hopper of the elevator and is directly transported to the dryer (tunnel oven). The drying temperature is set at about 170°C, the material is run in the dryer for 30 seconds, and the moisture can be reduced to 2-5% or less. The dryer adopts far-infrared heating, and the speed of mesh belt can be adjusted (frequency conversion speed regulation).

 7, hoist and rotating drum: out of the dryer materials bucket, directly into the elevator to the rotating drum, drum front circumference direction welding have wings, so that the material in this roll, can guarantee the oil evenly coated on the surface of the embryo, the second half as the smooth inner wall, sandwich volume inside the scroll, the seasoning evenly on foot on the surface of the embryo, the drum is tilted (Angle adjustable), adjust the roller speed can control material residence time within the cylinder. 8, the oil jet, seasoning machine and conveyor: according to the process requirements of the oil jet is adjustable, the oil road consists of gear pump flow valve and throttle valve. The seasoning machine adopts screw conveying to realize long-distance spraying of materials, the size of the conveying quantity can be adjusted, and there is wing stirring in the mixing bin to prevent arch. Is the role of conveyor was shipped from the finished product out of the drum, into the packaging machine, packaging machine: according to the production of production line, design of the packaging machine packaging capacity.

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