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What is soft dough biscuit

What is soft dough biscuit

    Soft biscuits are a type of biscuits made of low-gluten wheat flour as the main raw material, plus more fat and sugar. In the process of dough preparation, this kind of biscuit forms less gluten, the dough lacks stretchability and elasticity, has good plasticity and viscosity, and the product is crisp and fragile, so it is called soft biscuit.

Forming of soft dough biscuit

   The most widely used in actual production is roll printing. Add the prepared soft dough to the feeding hopper of the roll forming machine. Carrying and squeezing by the feed trough roller. The material enters the mold of the mold roll and is compacted. The scraper blade which is close to the surface of the mold roller scrapes the material protruding outside the mold. Form a neat bottom surface of the biscuit blank. As the mold roll rotates further down, the biscuit blanks contact the horizontally running canvas conveyor belt, and is pulled out of the mold under the action of the rubber demolding roller, and is conveyed to the mesh steel conveyor belt through the canvas conveyor belt into the oven.

   Below is a picture of a biscuit roll printing machine.

Soft biscuit making machine

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