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Drying Machine
  • Fruit Slice Oven

    Fruit Slice Oven

    Fruit Slice Oven

  • Rotary Oven

    Rotary Oven

    Rotary oven has large baking capacity, customers can according to your requirements to choose different source type (electric, gas and diesel ) Suitable for baking bread, mooncake, baguette, pie, toast, pastry, biscuit,buns, hamburger, dinner rolls, varied dessert and so on. It's the best choice for hotels, resturant, bars, surpermarket, bakery, schools, and foot factory.

  • Tunnel Oven

    Tunnel Oven

    The series of roasting oven are widely used for drying all kinds of stick, piece, grain etc. Shaping inflating snack food, the user can choose different types of dryer according to layer, length or energy.The uttermost temperature can be 300°C.Fuel can be electric, gas diesel etc. Our engineer can design according to your need.

  • Vertical Oven

    Vertical Oven

    1. used wide range , for baking meat bread moon cake toast biscuit cake and so on. 2.The combustion engine is imported , can get a good performance in working and save the energy 3. Large baking capacity.32 dishes each time 4. Mechanical panel and intelligent control. can control the temperature ,time,and rotary system automatically. save lots of time and vigor of operator. 5. two rotate modes for your to choose: bottom rotate and top hanged rotate. 6. With inner lamp and glass window to see the baked food clearly. 7.Equipped with time-alarm, more convenient and safe for operator to control. 8. equipped with high density and hyperfine cotton material so can maintain the quantity of heat furthest . 9. Inching system can produce enough steam momentarily according to the request of craft ,so it can satisfy the quality request of food for baker. 10. equipped with blower , can make the temperature and humidity more balance because of the strong wind convection. 11. The panel is separated from the oven , can resist the harm of high temperature ,more durable.

  • Heat Pump Oven

    Heat Pump Oven

    a. Technical communication before design to learn about the material processing and technological process; b. According to the small samples of processing materials and basic information of materials probided by the customer; we will dry material in the lab to find the best drying process and draw the drying curve; c. According to the requirement of material drying process, combined with customers' production requirements and site planning, make technical plans; d. According to the equipment scheme we made the samples processed in the experiment, the customer revised the scheme and finally reached a consensus.

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