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Flavoring Machine
  • Octagon Barrel Seasoning Machine

    Octagon Barrel Seasoning Machine

    The octagonal seasoning mixing machine can be used for seasoning fried food, peanut, soybean, walnut, potato chips, etc. vegetable and octagonal seasoning mixing machine can make the processing food and seasoning mix uniformly in 5-6minutes. Octagonal seasoning mixing machine can discharge the food by inclining automatically; Octagonal seasoning mixing machine has character of low noise through working and beautiful appearance.

  • Double Drum Seasoning Machine

    Double Drum Seasoning Machine

    The flavoring machines are applicable to a wide range can be used in various snacks and pet snacks by seasoning and coating oil or sugar. like cheese ball, potato chips, fried snacks , popcorn, pop rice, dog food, fish food, cat food, bird food etc.

  • Single Drum Seasoning Machine

    Single Drum Seasoning Machine

    Drum flavoring coating machine/single roller seasoning machine 1. This flavoring line consist of hoister, flavoring drum, liquid spaying tank, spraying gun,etc. 2. It can mix liquid, such as oil, honey, syrup, with snack food, beans, peanuts, chips, teas and other food. 3. The flavoring drum is made with best shape with paddles. 4. The liquid tank is equipped with heating pipe to heat the flavor to make them mix better. 5. The machine is made of food grade stainless steel, complying with hygiene requirement. The control panel is easy to operate.

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